Discover the volcanic Eifel

Only a few minutes by car from Bad Bertrich is one of the youngest volcanic areas in Germany with its still active maars (Pulvermaar, Schalken-Meeren-Maar, Daunermaar). Explore the Eifel. Whether by car or bike, the breathtaking landscape is always worth a detour. In summer the maars (15 minutes from Bad Bertrich) invite you to take a walk, take a boat tour or swim.

The Nürburgring natural race track in the Eifel can also be reached in about 35 minutes from Bad Bertrich. There are many offers at the Nürburgring, such as the many races that are spread over the year. You can use your car or explore the track as the co-driver of an experienced racing driver. Various races take place from spring. (45 km)

The Dauner Maare, also called the "eyes of the Eifel", offer beautiful views, interesting animals such as the Emerald dragonfly and rare plants. Explore the area on a nice walk. (25 km)